Director | Principal Osteopath
B.App Sci (Comp Med), M.Osteo, M.App Sci (Acupuncture)

Dr Jon Marshall’s expertise in Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Dry Needling, Cupping and the Japanese martial art of Aikido has him in high demand both nationally and internationally.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine)
  • Masters of Osteopathy
  • Masters of Applied Science (Acupuncture)
  • Certification in Advanced Occupational Ergonomics, Colorado State University
  • Clinical Pilates (DMA)
  • Diploma in Contemporary Pilates
  • Certified Personal Trainer (American Council of Exercise)
  • Sports Performance Specialist (American Council of Exercise)
  • Functional Training Specialist (American Council of Exercise)
  • Australian Olympic Taekwondo Team Osteopath (Olympic Qualification Tournaments 2011, Azerberjian & New Caledonia; World Junior Championships, Egypt 2012; Olympic Qualification Tournament 2016, Turkey)
  • RMIT University Lecturer (Chinese Medicine), Melbourne Australia
  • RMIT University Lecturer (Osteopathy), Melbourne Australia
  • International College of Osteopathy Lecturer (Osteopathy), Tokyo Japan
  • Founder of Back In Health Osteopathy Australia and Back In Health Osteopathy Singapore
  • Founder, Course Director and Tutor of Manual Medicine Australasia
  • Level 1 Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Functional Manual Medicine, Michigan State University, USA (Current)


Dr Jon Marshall’s education in pain, healing and movement started at age 10 when his study of the Japanese martial art of Aikido began. His passion for Aikido took him to Japan, where he lived for seven years, and was ultimately the catalyst that guided Dr Jon Marshall to study Osteopathy and Acupuncture.

The strong connection between martial arts and healing in Asia led Jon to complete a Diploma in Acupuncture during his time in Japan. His teacher was also very skilful in manipulation which initiated Jon’s interest in Osteopathy.

Dr Jon Marshall graduated from RMIT university in 2008 with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine-Osteopathy), followed by a Master’s degree in Osteopathy. He established the Back In Health Rialto clinic thereafter, located in the heart of Melbourne's business district in Australia. The opening of the Clifton Hill clinic in Melbourne Australia soon followed.

In 2010, he established the Melbourne Budo Academy, which offers world class instruction in Yoshinkan Aikido, Gyokushin Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Shinkendo, Judo and more.

In 2011, he was appointed the Osteopath for the Australian Olympic Taekwondo Team and travelled to Azerberjian for the Olympic Qualification Tournament in July 2011, New Caledonia in September 2011, and Egypt for the World Junior Championships in 2012. More recently, Jon has travelled with the team to Turkey for the Olympic Qualification Tournament leading up to the Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro in 2016.

His continuing interest in Chinese Medicine compelled Jon to complete a Masters of Applied Science (Acupuncture). He is among only a handful of Osteopaths that are also formally qualified Acupuncturists.

He has lectured in both the Chinese Medicine and the Osteopathy departments at RMIT University in Melbourne, and the International College of Osteopathy in Tokyo, Japan. He is also the founder of Manual Medicine Australasia, an organisation that teaches manual medicine practitioners such as Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and other allied health professionals in Dry Needling, Cupping, Acupuncture and Osteopathic Techniques throughout Australia, Southeast Asia and Japan. (Visit manualmedicine.com.au for more detail)

Jon currently holds a 6th dan black-belt in Aikido, and has been awarded the prestigious title of "Shihan". To date, he has taught Aikido throughout South-east Asia, Japan, the UK, the US and Poland. He is currently the Chief Instructor at the Singapore Budo Academy where he teaches both Aikido and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for both children and adults. (Visit singaporebudo.com for more detail)

Jon moved to Singapore in 2018 and established Back In Health Osteopathy Singapore. He draws from his wealth of knowledge in Osteopathy, Dry Needling, Cupping, Clinical Pilates, Personal Training and personal experience in an elite sports setting to tailor the best treatments and advice for his patients.


B.H.Sci / B.App.Sci (Osteopathy)


  • Bachelor of Health Science
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy)
  • Dry Needling Level 1
  • Paediatric Manual Medicine


Dr Johanna Cheong's journey as an osteopath was inspired during childhood from seeing her grandmother caring and helping others. With a promise to herself to do the same for others, coupled with an interest in the human body, Johanna found her calling when she decided to study osteopathy.

Johanna places great importance on integrated care that reflects the whole of an individual’s health needs. She prides herself on being able to listen, build rapport, and demonstrate to patients their bodies’ ability to heal with the help of osteopathy and other manual medicine techniques.

She continually endeavours to hone and expand her osteopathic skills to help others overcome pain without drugs and surgery. In the future, she plans to study psychotherapy, to enhance her knowledge and understanding of the mind and body connection, and support the healing of their bodies without neglecting their mental well-being.