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Osteopathy strives for ongoing whole body health through techniques including stretching, massage, mobilisation, and safe joint manipulation. Osteopaths use their expert knowledge of muscles and bones to reduce pain and restore movement in problem areas as well as compensatory areas so you feel good all over!


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Principal Osteopath

Beyond 5-star reviews and positive word-of-mouth, Dr Jon Marshall is highly qualified with over 10 years of high level International experience:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine)
  • Masters of Osteopathy
  • Masters of Applied Science (Acupuncture)
  • Certification in Advanced Occupational Ergonomics, Colorado State University
  • Clinical Pilates (DMA)
  • Diploma in Contemporary Pilates
  • Certified Personal Trainer (American Council of Exercise)
  • Sports Performance Specialist (American Council of Exercise)
  • Functional Training Specialist (American Council of Exercise)
  • Australian Olympic Taekwondo Team Osteopath (Olympic Qualification Tournaments 2011, Azerberjian & New Caledonia; World Junior Championships, Egypt 2012; Olympic Qualification Tournament 2016, Turkey)
  • RMIT University Lecturer (Chinese Medicine), Melbourne Australia
  • RMIT University Lecturer (Osteopathy), Melbourne Australia
  • International College of Osteopathy Lecturer (Osteopathy), Tokyo Japan
  • Founder of Back In Health Osteopathy Australia and Back In Health Osteopathy Singapore
  • Founder, Course Director and Tutor of Manual Medicine Australasia
  • Level 1 Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Functional Manual Medicine, Michigan State University, USA (Current)